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Frequently Asked Questions

What industry do you serve?

We serve the Power & Process industry, mostly.

What products do you specialize in?

High end instrumentation fittings, valves and similar. - See our Line Card page for more info...

How long have you been in business?

We were formally known as Components & Controls, Inc.  and originated back in 1974!  
It was then purchased by a long standing employee in 1994 and then sold to his daughter in 2008.
The name was changed to Connecticut Components, Inc., in 2007.  We also have a dba now, CCIYES.

What does the YES stand for in your dba CCIYES?

So, that has multiple answers.
1. Our legal business name is LONG.
2. The website with our state abbreviated was already taken.
3. We always went by CCI, but that website was taken also, so we went with CCIYES.
4. We always try to say YES, we can help you with that.
5. It makes for a good logo.
6. It is short and easy to remember!


Please feel free to come by to our Tolland office.
e have cats
e have candy.
We have soda & water.
We have shirts, pens, & other promos.

Oh, Tubing? Fittings? Gauges? Hoses?
We have those too!


60 Industrial Park Rd W #2
Tolland, CT




[email protected]